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Brian Matheson

Over the years, as the primary sponsor of the World Jade Symposium, we have been delighted to have seen the successful role it has played in encouraging a stronger carving community. We hope to inspire the aspiring and help push the level of art created by these fantastic artists. For us, here at Pagoda, this is a modus operandi. We have spent 10 years in providing infrastructure, apprenticeships and sales channels to our community. The WJSA is an invaluable resource we will continue to support.

Our wish this BC Jade Day is to say thank you to those people for continued faith and friendship. In Celebration of BC Jade Day, and the achievements of many, please enjoy  the beautiful short film called, Circle of Life at:

Traveling around the world, this 30-minute film offers real insight into the BC jade mining scene and the artists around the world who carve jade. Shot and produced by my brother, Andrew Matheson.

During his university years, Andrew spent several summers in the BC jade mines working as mine manager. Andrew’s knowledge of film and creativity combine with his understanding of the subject in this enthralling production.

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